Although healthcare industry relies upon going concern and profit earning , it is different from general business model. Rather, its medical industry uniqueness determines that it is more of morality, humanistic social care, life & death and etc. Compared with general business model, it has its own unique characteristics, development law and value orientation.

From the perspective of heath and public medical needs, the market demand is not only confined to the environment, equipments, expects and other hardwares, obviously, however, patients and their families are more eager to experience patient-centered medical intervention with care, concern, love, respect of life. Only such system from humanistic perspective is able to truly touch people, get support from society and eventually gain the fulcrum for further development.

Unfortunately, almost hardly any hospital investors, managers and practitioners take seriously the unique characteristics of healthcare industry, while exploring the unknown area, they rarely think beyond general business model. This is the very reason why many private hospitals are struggling and even are self-destructive at the early stage. Essentially the investors are still making a combination of wrong decisions that will impede development, because of the conventional commercial thinking, eagerness for quick success and instant profit, attitude of valuing profit and downplaying quality. Moreover, overstressing upon management system and business promotion while overlooking medical culture inheritance, employee education and cultivation, managers will end up facing outcomes like short-term career target, enterprise connotation shortage, and employer incapacity of keeping up with the society. Furthermore, the lack of humanistic mind training also results in mechanized working attitude among doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, which makes medical service impersonal and cold. All together, these reasons eventually generate distrust among patients and their family members of the hospital in whole. Hence, as a service industry about human life, conventional commercial thinking is unable to help to position medical industry correctly for starting a business, even worse, it will limit and hinder further development in the future. Deviation of the mind of enterprise core members will also shorten medical life span.

For years, EMIC is dedicated to strive for excellence care for patients. Through participating internal management in hospitals, EMIC understand deeply that hospital correct positioning and its service provided are closely connected. Also, the positioning is interconnected with the thinking of the hospital core members (investors, managers, and executives), hospital culture appeal, development strategies, medical industry comprehension, and patient service consciousness. Even the best management system and procedure would be in vain without resources from investors, correct implementation by managers and practices performed by executors.

Therefore, the purpose of Medicine & Business School is to be a platform mostly for incubating medical business projects and communication among medical practitioners. With the international medical resources accumulated during the past decade, along with the director’s rich trans-industrial and training experiences, and also the world renowned training institution, Medicine & Business School is committed to creating educational and training classes in healthcare. EMIC expects to promote Chinese medical service quality and expand medical development prospect, make the medical industries possess potentials to be international and become capable of seeking blessings for people who are in need of healthcare globally. The educational target of Medicine & Business School involves all people related to medical industry such as project investors, hospital managers, medical practitioners and other service specialists.


Medicine & Business School will carry out a series forums and curriculum in order to help medical entrepreneurs and relationship network developers to learn the most efficient medical business model. Allowing investors invest wisely, administrators execute efficiently, practitioners work joyfully, all individuals perform their function with their inner advantages, and eventually promote the competitive edge of the industry overall.

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