Health life starts from prevention

In ‘Meeting Challenges Of The 21st Century’, WHO put forward that medical science will become more of health science instead of disease science, and will shift its focus from treatment to prevention. The paper suggested that, one third of human diseases can be avoided through preventative healthcare, and one third can be kept under control effectively through early detection, and the last one third is able to see better therapeutic effects by effective communication.

EMIC has been promoting cancer education and social care over the world for more than a decade. During the journey, EMIC has realized that a vast majority of cancer patients missed their best treatment opportunity because of late discovery. These days, health development has caught widespread attention, new therapies, techniques and medicines are coming out in an unending flow, and there are numerous new research findings and breakthroughs are published in every medical forum. Nevertheless, whether it is cancer or other types of chronic diseases such as cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, their mortality rate is high and is to continue in an upward trend among the mortality statistics released by public health institutions universally.

Active health management

EMIC advocates ‘Proactive Health’ as health management mode, which is taking the initiative in preventing possible disease in the future by doing routine physical check up regularly. Such precaution consciousness is ‘active’ instead of ‘passive’, which helps to reduce incidence rate and leaves patients access to early intervention before the disease gets worse.

Health prediction, Health precaution, and gate-keeping of health auxiliary products

The years of engagement with patients and medical staffs, EMIC is well aware of the need of patients. In order to help the public in disease prevention and rehabilitation, EMIC will take a dual responsibility: Health prediction and precaution, and gate-keeping of health auxiliary products. Through its extensive network resources, EMIC will research and compare the cutting-edge medical commercials before presenting to groups in need.

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