The fifth Media- New Media

Driven by and through the internet, new media is developing vigorously.

Today, new media like digital media (magazines, newspapers, television, movies, broadcasting) and SMS, internet, touch media and etc. ,are becoming more approachable channels for the public. And new media has successively become The Fifth Media compared with traditional media.

Humanistic Healthcare New Media

Undoubtedly, new media is a trend, and it is also a indispensable promotion strategy for EMIC this medical platform. As healthiness has become more important, whilst the healthcare new media is not fully shaped yet, and while many of the healthcare new medias established by healthcare institution are still more of an advertising means essentially, EMIC is good at utilizing its medical information and consulting platform, along with integrating press senior adviser and press worker in multiple countries, docking with international media network, and cooperating with professional film and TV production team, to produce web TV and video. EMIC and its team is about to produce a series of medical new media work themed by stories of humanistic care and of patient and doctors, through these works, the profound and mysterious medical information will be presented in an easy-to-understand way. Thus not only medicine is more comprehensible to the public, more superior doctors and healthcare teams will appear because of the humanistic education.

International Medical Journal

The current health magazines are basically professional academic ones, and the journals which are consisted of medical information that is more accessible to the public has not appeared yet. Sticking to medical information promotion as its mission, EMIC is looking forward to establish a medical journal that is serving as an approach for spreading medial information, new techniques, humanistic education and etc, opening up a new interactive mode for people to understand medical developing trends better, and to enhance communication between doctors and patients.


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