Internet Medicine and Big Data

As the popularization and development of internet, big data and cloud computing has penetrated into all aspects of our life, and has been wildly used in finance, retail, energy, transportation and other filed. Inevitably, healthcare industry needs to keep up to this trend. The current medical consulting service apps has been popularized, however, the technologies which can be used for interlinking between healthcare institutions and patients, and cloud connection for developing medical big data, lastly monitoring long-term postoperative follow-up, are still under brewing.

In order to build a convenient medical information access model and establish a zero distance contact communication platform between healthcare units and the public, EMIC will work in close cooperation with professional senior IT crew, aiming to build a linking system as community + healthcare service procedure + healthcare service management procedure, and an internet system integrating with consultation app, health management system, follow-up terminal server, hospital database and database management system, to achieve service monitoring and digitized management.

Optimize IT system, establish EMIC Internet Medicine

EMIC Internet Medicine will lay emphasis on two projects: ‘Hospital Management and Certification Consultant’ and ‘Medical Platform’. under the sophisticated IT supervising system, Internet Medicine can build database and analytic system, allow healthcare dominate the internet and eventually become beneficial to people.

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