Hospital Management and Certification Consultant

As a management institution aiming at international branding & expanding of Chinese hospitals, Excellence Medicare(EMIC), in line with many years of practical experiences in international medical industry, explores key and core elements of balanced development of hospitals through multiple identities such as patient, family members, social humanistic care workers, hospital employees, hospital administrators and medical consultant.

To establish a world-class hospital, the key-point is to provide highest standard of health care to patients. In order to accomplish this goal, following elements should be taken into consideration during the hospital foundation and development:

  • Hospital mindset and culture
  • Hospital development strategies (be innovative and unique)
  • The healthcare environment (including space design & management), and facility construction and operating efficiency.
  • Superb medical skills and therapies.
  • Professional team(management, healthcare, service, marketing and so on )
  • Scientific and standardized management
  • Clinical service model and management (humanistic, caring, loving and sincere)
  • Investment background and ongoing resource development;
  • Marketing prospects and development advantages;
  • Platform for human resource cultivation (medicine/education/research)
  • Academic research achievement (worldwide contribution and clinical practice value)

EMIC contributes to assist hospitals with the intention of becoming an international one, through the following resolutions: First, EMIC helps to comb through their development obstacles and sticking points, secondly, EMIC formulates all-around construction plan basing on its developing interests and potential. By this, EMIC serves the purpose of shortening the trial period, reducing resource consumption and costs, and systematically paving the way for the hospital to be a international hospital.

EMIC will conduct thorough investigation, assessment, and problem diagnosis for the healthcare enterprise in accordance with its development need, which helps to sort out its bottleneck and areas need to be improved. As a consultant and partner of the enterprise at the same time, EMIC will be dedicated in finding out the root cause of problems along with its current system, procedures and others. Also evaluating employees psychologically and providing training and solutions accordingly whenever needed, so as to lay solid foundation for further comprehensive development.

Once the assessment and problem diagnosis phase comes to the end, EMIC will then map out corresponsive plans after fully communication with the healthcare institution, and make sure to carry out the plans and follow through.

Our Consulting service

  1. corporate culture construction/adjustment
  • Rearrange corporate culture concept
  • Corporate system culture construction
  • Standardize corporate behavior
  • Corporate image construction
  1. Corporate development plan
  • Corporate reorientation
  • Corporate objectives and plans setting
  • Corporate resources reorganization
  • Corporate social network construction
  1. Corporate marketing model and strategies(home and broad)
  • Corporate market positioning
  • Corporate market competitive edge detecting and further enhancing
  • Corporate marketing campaign and strategy establishing
  • Corporate marketing campaign tools and approaches building
  • Corporate image designing and branding
  • Corporate marketing network building
  • Corporate marketing resource investment programming
  • Corporate marketing personnel training plan
  1. Corporate management system SOP
  • Corporate management structure summarization
  • Corporate management system construction
  • Corporate HR management system construction
  • Corporate employee performance management and reward & punishment mechanism building
  • Corporate financial control system building
  • Corporate education training system building
  1. Corporate service system SOP
  • Corporate existing problem summarization
  • Corporate service system and SOP construction (home and abroad)
  • Corporate service employee training plan (home and abroad)
  • Corporate service quality specification (home and abroad)
  • Docking between corporate and market

Meanwhile, EMIC will introduce a multitude of international authoritative medical accreditation system, and help the hospital become qualified for passing their accreditation through various kinds of training and guiding. Apart from promoting competitive edge, more importantly, by introducing accreditation system, hospital running can be standardized in every aspect, so that it does not just become a accredited hospital, but also be a reliable and safe environment where the patients receive therapies in.

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