Nowadays, because of the internationalization trend of medicine, many developing countries have been aware of the significance of domestic medical research and technology development, and now they have entered into the exploration and start-up phase gradually. Nevertheless the current heath care level is unable to offer immediate effective medical help for patients. On the premise of booming tourism, patients and their family members are tend to seek more options abroad for the most ideal therapies, so as to substitute the domestic insufficient medical resource. However, due to the prevalence of Internet and commercialization of medicine, medical information has become overloaded from seriously insufficient initially. Now people are no more concerned about whether the information is adequate enough, but seem to be worried about how to identify the truly useful and effective information from the mass of data.

With 10 years experience in international healthcare, EMIC viewed serving patient as its mission throughout. Knowing that issues like inadequate medical technology, public being helpless in front of overloaded information in many developing countries, EMIC is committed to aiding patients through its own resources and medical channels to screen health-care information and to present optimal technology, treatment plans and hospitals with superb service.

Originally, EMIC focused on serving cancer patients and their families only, now it will continue and further its purpose of its establishment by expanding its target to all individuals in need of healthcare globally, and by setting up a optimal medical information & consultation platform. Such platform is connecting with the top medical institutions, leading expects and teams in 16 medical specialties world-widely, not only allowing patients immediate access to most comprehensive advises, but also enabling the patients to receive direct help from them. The patients are guaranteed with most appropriate arrangement from consultation, admission, treatment, discharge to follow-up.

In addition, apart from possessing the network information and consultation platform, EMIC integrates a number of top medical institutions, local public welfare communities, media outlets and governments, to jointly promote a series of discussions and activities regarding the prospective health-care concepts, health precautions, characteristic and efficient techniques, distinctive services, humanistic education and care and etc.

From a perspective of third-party, EMIC will take the patient and healthcare enterprise into consideration at the same time, and be sure to build a win-win operating mode for the benefits of both sides. Upon such platform, on the one hand there is no need for individuals pay extra charge for the additional information, on the other hand, the healthcare enterprise can explore and conduct international business with the advantages of low investment, low risk and time-efficiency, so as to establish a long-term and sustainable developing blueprint. Provided that the participation of local public welfare communities, media outlets and governments from a public interest point of view, positive impetus and effects can be achieved for sure, and medical education can be promoted extensively also.

EMIC insists on pursuing to be practical, effective and truly helpful for individuals in need of healthcare globally. In addition to invite numerous characteristic and authoritative healthcare community to join this platform project, IMIC introduces hospitals which are genuinely value patients and their needs to maintain this platform together. EMIC is planning to establish ‘offline’ platform in 2015, which is about setting up service sites in promotion cities by local charity groups and social workers, enabling local public direct contact with them.

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