A good working environment and competent personnel are interdependent, and mutually bring out the best of each other. At present, it is not uncommon to see that Chinese hospitals especially private ones, are facing problems like talent shortage and sluggish development, resulting from the lack of attention in personnel training and cultivation. On the other hand, some outstanding individuals and teams, being subject to the restriction of current platform and limited personal time and energy, are unable to find a better environment to fulfill their potential. Therefore, seeking solution is the priority for a majority of hospitals and medical personnel alike in China now.

EMIC healthcare human resource pool value the reasonable matching between medical specialists and health related organizations. Hoping to put right person at the right position for mutual benefit purpose, eventually provide an optimal healthcare service environment for patient through its health network resources and docking channels.

By this, EMIC plans to establish a training and communication platform for investors, healthcare enterprises, and healthcare personnel, enable the competent medical specialists to obtain best opportunities to fulfill their potentials, to serve patients and the public.

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