Esther Law

Founder & Chairman, Excellence Medicare (EMIC)

Major and Occupational Experiences:

  • Founder & Executive Chairman, YAST Group
  • Honorary President, Xian Entrepreneurship Weekly Magazine , China (2011-now )
  • Honorary President of Jinsui Shaanxi Institute of International Automobile Institute(2011-now )
  • International Certified Trainer, American Association for the Certification of Training Program (AACTP)
  • The Founding Partner of John C. Maxwell Team
  • Youth Mentor for career development, Guangdong Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Author- “Cancer and My Mission”(Chinese Version),  “Gateway to life’s Value”
  • Columnist of the Eastern Times (Malaysia), Long Life Magazine (Malaysia),Chinese Medical Journal, Healthy Living
  • Life Coach and role model for the younger generations, Leos


Posts Held in Organisations

  • Vice Chairman, Guangdong Cancer Rehabilitation Association, China
  • Secretary General, Asian Society of Cryosurgery(2012-2014-2016)
  • Secretary General, 18th International Society of Cryosurgery(2014-2016)
  • Vice President, Guangdong Institute for Cancer Prevention and Targeted Intervention and Control, Guangdong Province, China.
  • Director, Molecular Health Care Chapter of CPAM (China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medicare and Health care) China.
  • Chairperson, Molecular Health for Female reproduction section Committee, China Science and Technology Industry Association, China.
  • Charter President, Kuching Connections Toastmaster Club, Malaysia
  • Past Division D Governor, Toastmasters International District 51 (2005-2006-2007)
  • The first female president (2009-2010-2011) for the Lions Club of Kuching Host, Malaysia
  • Lions Club District 308-A2 Cabinet Officer(2011-2012), Responsible for “DC Family & Women’s Membership Development”
  • Deputy Chairman, Sarawak Society for the Deaf, Malaysia(2010-2011)


Rewards and Achievements

  • Toastmasters International District 51 “Most Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year” (2004-2005)
  • Toastmasters International District 51 “President distinguished Division”
  • The Champion of District Trainers Presentation Skill Contest in 2011 Multiple District 308 Lions Convention
  • The Lions Club which lead by Esther Law has won 7 awards namely “The Best Lions Club Award”, “Top 10 Club’s President Award”, “Top 10 secretary Award”, “Top 10 Treasurer Award”, “International Understanding Award”, “Excellent Service and Activity Award”, “Activity Planning Award” and “Action Packed Award” in 2011
  • Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) 2014


Marcos Lau

EMIC Chief Executive Officer

Marcos Lau was one of the corporate core team members since 2010, and then he worked as Chief Business Development Officer and become a member of board of directors since the corporate reconstruction in 2014.

Initially, Marcos Lau was mainly engaged in assisting the hospital which cooperated with EMIC in establishing international medical center in aspects of overseas patient service professional team and standard service procedures. By participating in every step of the patient service in person, he was familiar with all patient service details, ranging from airport pickup, translation and interpretation, admission arrangement, medical compliance, hospitalization care, overseas affairs management, and he was capable of providing professional and thorough service for overseas patients.

Then, Marcos Lau shifted the focus of his work to the office of international affairs in the hospital, and started taking charge of the work in aspects like overseas activities planning, project cost estimation, project preparation, general supervision of overseas markets, which all together ensured the medical services for patients from over 40 countries provided in the hospital, besides, making sure that the overseas marketing plans could be implemented effectively.

In addition, Marcos Lau actively involved himself in promoting cancer medical education and humane healthcare, in which he was partly responsible for the new market development, facilitating cooperation, follow-up activities and the activity arrangements. Apart from the market development in Southeast Asia countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and etc., he was also the general manager of the markets in Middle-East countries.

Richard Zheng

EMIC Chief Operating Officer

Richard Zheng, the Chief Operating Officer and a member of corporate board of directors. He joined the core team members of EMIC during the corporate reconstruction in 2014, and he took up the post of Chief Operating Officer in December of the same year.

Richard Zheng graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Jiangxi Medical University in Clinical Medicine, and in 2008 got his master’s degree from Southern Medical University in Gastroenterology. After graduation, he devoted himself to medicine as an attending oncology physician in Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital for 5 years.

Not until 2013, Richard Zheng worked as Southern China Tumour Department Medical Manager in Astrazeneca. Astrazeneca is a global leading pharmaceutical company, it produces creative, extraordinary and effective prescription medications, and most of them are leading products globally, which includes digestive, cardiovascular, central nervous system, anaesthetic, respiratory and anti-infective medications. During his tenure in Astrazeneca, Richard Zheng was responsible for Southern China business development and management, to be more specifically, extensively building local medical resources connections, getting hold of the medical and healthcare relations & networks in the district he was in charge of.

During his practice as an oncology physician in hospital, Richard Zheng highly valued medical quality and also paid close attention to doctor-patient communication and service quality. He was a respectable and popular doctor among overseas patients and their family members for his professional, considerate and thorough care he provided for his patients, ranging from diagnosing, making treatment plans, hospital care and then follow up care. In five years, the overseas patients that were from around 40 countries have received his care, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam, Denmark, Australia, America, Middle-East countries and etc.

Richard Zheng has a good comprehension of the needs of overseas patients. He was skillful in the communication with patients and their family members. And more than once, he was entrusted and assigned by the hospital to provide medical consultation and health lectures for citizens abroad. His attentive, humble, compassionate attitude toward the local citizens and his passions in sharing medical knowledge with them have greatly increased their confidence in receiving treatments abroad, and also afforded them a new perspective in getting healthcare abroad.

Jeff Ng

EMIC Chief Administration Officer & Personal Assistant of Chairman

Jeff Ng was one of the corporate core team members since 2009, and then he worked as Chief Administration Officer and become a member of EMIC board of directors since the corporate reconstruction in 2014.

Jeff Ng graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Coventry University in Computer Science. After graduation, he was mainly engaged in the industries of marketing and education & training and the jobs he has had were like retail manager, market developer, senior multi-level marketing representatives of Direct sales companies, CEO personal assistant of group company, general planner and course designer in training agency and house journal copywriter. Then in 2009, he officially worked as personal assistant of the EMIC founder, Madam Esther Law. Jeff Ng is skilled in marketing, system construction, advertisement writing, apart from assisting Madam Esther Law to explore and develop business, and he is also responsible for all corporate documents writings which includes the designing, systematizing, standardization and process refinement.

Jeff has been in charge of the branch office of EMIC in Malaysia since 2012, whereas his job includes arranging all sorts of activities hold in Malaysia, providing medical consultation service for local citizens, contacting overseas hospitals in order to obtain appropriate suggestions, treatment plans and therapies for local patients and etc.